Curriculum Management Team

Our mission statement

To provide professional advice, guidance and support in relation to the University's curriculum data, with specific responsibility for its collection, maintenance and quality.


To manage the University's curriculum data quality in the following areas:

  • Maintenance of the Programme and Modules Handbook
  • Creation, modification, withdrawal and confirmation of programmes and modules
  • Creation, modification, withdrawal and confirmation of assessments in co-ordination with the Examinations Office
  • Responsibility for and maintenance of fees entered on Banner in co-ordination with the Planning Office
  • Manage and maintain the SLC Course Management Service database

Contacting the Curriculum Management Team

The Curriculum Management Team should be contacted, in the first instance, by email at

Postal address:
Curriculum Management Team
Aston Webb 
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

The Curriculum Management Team

Dan Phillips - Curriculum Manager
Ian Hoare - Curriculum Management Officer (EPS and CoSS)
Helen Henn - Curriculum Management Officer (CAL and MDS)
Jane Beaumont - Curriculum Management Officer (LES)
Anjeli Sharma - Curriculum Management Administrator


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