St Francis Hall

St Francis Hall (SFH) is the hub of the Multi Faith Chaplaincy. It offers a place where students and staff of all faiths and beliefs can meet for worship, social events and more. It is also where the full-time chaplains are based and can most often be found.


There are several rooms at SFH that are available for use by individuals and groups. Any member of the University can book a room.

Worship Room

Worship Room

  • The Worship Room is the biggest room in SFH and the main prayer room. It is highly adaptable and can also be used for drama/music rehearsals and performances, training sessions and presentations.
  • Capacity - 200.
  • Facilities - AV equipment, piano, lecterns, altar.
  • Availability - can be booked at any time; open for private prayer or piano practice when not in use by groups.

Cadbury Room

Cadbury Room

  • The original Chaplaincy hall, the Cadbury Room is the second largest room in SFH. Like the Worship Room, it is suitable for a wide range of uses.
  • Capacity - 100, laid out with chairs for 60 people
  • Facilities - piano, wooden floor, lectern, altar.
  • Availability - can be booked at any time; open for private prayer or piano practice when not in use by groups.

Oasis Lounge and Kitchen


  • Oasis is a welcoming space where you can relax, work or meet friends during the day. It is also a popular venue for society meetings and social events and has a kitchen that can be used to cater for groups of all sizes.
  • Oasis is made up of two rooms, the Lounge and Kitchen ends, which can be booked together or separately.
  • Capacity - 100 overall (60 in the Lounge end and 40 in the Kitchen end).
  • Facilities - kitchen, piano.
  • Availability - open for anyone to use (but not book) 09.00 - 17.00 on term time weekdays; can be booked at any other time.

Meeting Room

Meeting Room

  • The Meeting Room is a small room at the top of SFH that is particularly suitable for meetings of small groups, committees and individuals.
  • Capacity - 12.
  • Availability - can be booked until 18.00 during term time and at any time during vacations; open for private prayer when not in use by groups.
  • The Meeting Room is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible, as access is by a narrow staircase only.

Quiet Space

Quiet Space

  • The Quiet Space is a small room off the Oasis Lounge that is dedicated to private prayer and meditation.
  • Capacity - 4.
  • Facilities - prayer aids, personal storage space.
  • Availability - cannot be booked, but is available for use at any time that SFH is open.
  • Food and drink is not permitted.
  • Silence is requested out of respect for other users.
  • There is also an Islamic Prayer Room in the Guild of Students.

How to find us

SFH is situated next to the Guild of Students by the East Gate.  It is building number O2 in the Orange Zone of the Edgbaston Campus Map (PDF - 1.64MB).

Side approach to St Francis Hall

St Francis Hall (SFH)

Old SFH EntranceThe original entrance to SFH

SFH from the side, the original Chaplaincy building

The Cadbury Room and original Chaplaincy building

Guild of StudentsSFH is next to the Guild of Students on the main Edgbaston Campus