Book a room

Rooms in St Francis Hall are available to book free of charge by members of the University. Priority is given to chaplains and faith societies, but University departments, Guild and non-Guild societies and individual University members can all book rooms as well.

Room descriptions

Rooms in St Francis Hall can be booked for worship, meditation groups, social events, rehearsals, training sessions and more. Several rooms are available.

How to book

To book a room in St Francis Hall, please complete a booking form and any other necessary forms and email to Alternatively, completed booking forms can be handed in to the SFH reception desk.

When completing the booking form, please make sure to include your contact details as well as clearly stating the date(s), time(s) and room(s) that you are booking.

2017-18 Room Booking Form St Francis Hall

By signing the booking form, you are agreeing to the terms set out in the following documents:

Other documents

Here are some further important documents for booking rooms at SFH. There are extra forms to complete if you plan on catering or hosting an external speaker, and the H&S guidelines must be read by all event leaders.


If you are planning to serve any food that requires cooking or complex preparation at SFH then a catering request form must be completed. If you are simply opening shop-bought biscuits or cakes etc. then no form is required. No catering may take place without the Hygiene Manager's approval.

Please ensure that the completed form is submitted by email to or the SFH reception desk at least 10 working days before your event.

This is a new version of the catering form - please do not use any versions of the form dated earlier than October 2014.

External speakers

If an external speaker (ie a non-member of the University) is addressing or leading your event, a speaker request form must be completed (to comply with the University's policy on freedom of speech).

If you are a Guild of Students-recognised society, then a Guild form needs to be completed and submitted to Student Development or Guild Reception at least 10 working days before your event.

If you are not a Guild-recognised society, then an SFH form needs to be completed and returned via email or to the SFH reception desk at least 15 working days before your event.

Health and Safety

The following guidelines are intended for people leading events at SFH and give basic guidance regarding the main Health & Safety issues that are likely to arise. Please make sure to read them if you book a room.

When to book

Bookings open for each term on the final two weeks of the preceding term.  Ad hoc bookings can be made at any time.  Please email the forms required (as above) to the Administrator on

Back of St Francis Hall

Rooms in St Francis Hall can be booked by any member of the University.

Oasis Lounge

There are several rooms available to book, all suitable for different events.

Worship Room

Please email for more information about booking a room.

Cadbury Room