Annual Progress Review

Why do we review your progress?

The University places great importance on helping you to complete your research degree programme within your maximum period of registration. For international PGRs, the University is legally required under the Home Office’s Points Based System (PBS), to notify them of international students who fail to fully register or who are absent for a prolonged period without authorisation.

Also, by monitoring progress throughout your time at the University we are able to identify any areas of difficulty you are having and help support you to overcome these.

How and when?

In addition to the supervision meetings that you have with your supervisor the University has formal methods of tracking your progress. Each College/School has their own requirements for progress monitoring so make sure that you are aware of these local requirements.

The University recommends the Annual Progress Review form (GRS3) (Word - 68KB) is used to record discussions and outcomes of the Annual Progress Review.

If you don't make satisfactory progress

Persistent neglect of work and failure to achieve a satisfactory academic standard may result in a postgraduate researcher being required to withdraw from the University. The University reserves the right to terminate the registration and programme of study of PGRs who are found to be making unsatisfactory progress.


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