Corrections to your thesis

When you have received your examiners' reports

Where you are asked to make corrections or revisions to your thesis, the examiners’ report forms will provide details of these corrections or revisions. You may also be given information at the oral examination about the required corrections or revisions. You should make sure that you understand the nature of the required corrections and revisions and discuss them with your supervisor. 

It is important that you understand the differences between minor and major corrections and revision and resubmission of your thesis as the procedures when you have completed the corrections or revisions are different.


  • Minor corrections: normally one month (*)
  • Major corrections: normally six months (*)
  • Revise or resubmit: normally one year (*)

 (*) The examiners may request longer than this

The letter confirming the outcome of the examination will clearly state the deadline for submission of your corrected or revised thesis. 

You should take your deadline seriously, as the University will expect you to meet it.

If you are unable to meet the deadline in exceptional cases, you may request an extension of time by submitting an extension request form for consideration by the University’s research progress and awards sub-panel.

Submission of corrected thesis (minor or major corrections) 

You are granted one opportunity to complete corrections to the satisfaction of the examiners.

Once you have completed your corrections, you must submit the corrected thesis (soft or hard bound) to the Research Student Administration (RSA) via the Student Hub, Aston Webb C Block (R7 on the campus map)

  • Minor corrections: one copy for checking by the internal examiner
  • Major corrections: two copies for checking by the internal and external examiner

The date on the cover page for a corrected thesis (examiners decision of minor or major corrections) should be the original submission date.

For information regarding resubmission of your thesis following the recommendation of revise and resubmit, see the revise and resubmit web pages.

Corrections - what happens next

The RSA team will send your corrected thesis to the internal and/or external examiners as appropriate. They will be asked to certify that the corrections have been completed to their satisfaction. RSA will then write to let you know whether the examiners are satisfied with the corrections.

Find out more

If you have any questions about corrections that have not been answered on this page, please contact the RSA team by submitting an online enquiry.


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