Examiners' information

When a thesis is sent to the internal and external examiners by Research Student Administration (RSA), electronic copies of the examiners' guidance notes, roles and responsibilities of the internal/external/chairperson, examiners' report forms and external examiners fees and expenses guidance notes will be included in the email. However, these documents can also be downloaded below, as and when required.  

Examiners' guidance notes

The examiners guidance notes (PDF - 319KB) provide comprehensive guidance to internal and external examiners on the thesis examination process.

Examiners' and chairperson's roles and responsibilities

The below documents documents set out the specific duties of each role throughout the thesis examination process.   

Thesis examination report forms

An electronic version of the examiners' report forms will be sent to the examiners by email together with an electronic copy of the thesis.

Fees and expenses

The external examiners fees and expenses guidelines (PDF - 389KB) provide information on the process for claiming the examination fee and in-person viva expenses for external examiners.

Corrections certificate

Once corrections have been checked by the relevant examiners (normally by the internal for minor corrections and by both examiners for major corrections), the corrections certificate (Word - 27KB) should be completed and returned to Research Student Administration.


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