What is an extension?

It is expected that you will submit your theses within your maximum period of study or by the deadline for submitting your revised or corrected thesis. You can, however, in exceptional circumstances apply for an extension to these deadlines.

An extension is not the same as Leave of Absence. The latter relates to a period of time when you may temporarily withdraw from your studies. Further details about Leave of Absence are available on the Leave of Absence webpages.

University Regulation 6.2.3 sets out minimum and maximum periods or study for all research degrees. 

The minimum period of study is used to calculate the earliest date on which you may submit your thesis for examination. The maximum period of study is used to calculate the latest date by which you must submit your thesis for examination.

It is expected that you will submit your thesis within the time constraints set out in University Regulation 6.2.3.

Where a thesis is not submitted by the stated deadline, you will be deemed to have withdrawn due to lapse of time. An extension to the submission deadline may be requested. See University Regulation 7.4.3(c) for further information.

If a request for an extension it not approved and the thesis is not submitted by the end of the maximum period of study (or by the deadline for a corrected or revised thesis), you will be deemed to have withdrawn.

Applying for an extension

It is important that you make your request at least 2 months before the end of the maximum registration period of study or as soon as possible for a revised or corrected thesis using the extension request form.

Evidence to support the request must be attached to the request form.

  • Part A - to be completed by the Postgraduate Researcher
  • Part B - to be completed by supervisor and passed to the Head of School (or nominee)
  • Part C - to be completed by the Head of School (or nominee) and sent to RSA

Section 9 of the request form (a work plan) showing how you intend to complete your outstanding work in the requested time frame, must be completed. This is required in order to demonstrate that the request is reasonable and that the work is achievable within the deadline.

You should not include time for your thesis to be examined when requesting an extension.

International postgraduate researchers must submit a copy of your passport and current/most recent visa. The extension request will not be considered unless these supporting documents are provided.

Once all sections of the form have been completed, the form and relevant supporting evidence should be sent to:

  • Research Student Administration
    Academic Services

Applications for extensions are considered by the University's Research Progress and Awards Sub Panel. Approval is not automatic.

The Research Student Administration team (RSA) will notify you of the outcome of your application by email. If your application is approved, the email notification will include the new date for submission of your thesis, your registration status and any tuition fee liability.

Approval criteria

Each request will be considered on its merits so it is important that you ensure all pertinent information is included in your application. 

For examples of acceptable and unacceptable circumstances for granting extensions see the Code of Practice on Extensions to Study Periods (PDF - 98KB)

Find out more

If you have any questions about extensions that have not been answered on this page, or the downloadable guidance notes, please submit an online enquiry to the RSA team.