Revise and resubmit

When you are ready to resubmit, simply follow the procedures as if you were submitting your thesis for the first time and the examination process will begin again.

Resubmission fees

You will be required to pay a resubmission fee of £180 when you submit your revised thesis. 

Oral examination

An oral examination (viva voce) is compulsory for doctoral degrees and for Masters degrees by research, (e.g. an MPhil or MRes) may be held at the discretion of the examiners. 

Examiners recommendations

A more limited range of recommendations is open to the examiners of a resubmitted thesis:

  • award the appropriate degree;
  • award the appropriate degree with minor corrections;
  • award the appropriate dgeree with major corrections;
  • award a lower degree with or without minor or major corrections; or
  • reject the thesis without the opportunity for resubmission.

Find out more

If you have any questions about revision and resubmission that have not been answered on this page or in the downloadable guidance notes, please contact the RSA team by submitting an online enquiry.


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