Thesis awaited status, continuation fee and council tax


What is thesis awaited status?

Also referred to as writing up, it is the period of time, normally following the end of the minimum period of study, when a postgraduate researcher has completed their primary area of research. 

Subject to satisfactory progress a postgraduate researcher should normally move into thesis awaited status at the end of their minimum period of registration. 

If a postgraduate researcher’s period of normal registration is extended beyond the end of the minimum period of registration further fees will be payable. The end of the maximum period of registration date is not affected and as a result the thesis awaited period (writing up) is reduced.


  • University Regulation 6.2.3(a) 
    Sets out the time limits for each research degree. The University expects that you complete the writing up of your thesis within these time limits.
  • University Regulation 7.4.3(c) 
    Sets out a student's right, in exceptional circumstances, to make an application for an extension beyond their maximum period of study. 

Find out more about extensions.

Continuation fee

When you move into thesis awaited status you will be required to pay a continuation fee for each academic session until you submit your thesis.

The full continuation fee for the 2023-24 academic session is £276. This fee is to cover administrative costs and access to University resources (e.g. IT and Library services). 

You are liable for the continuation fee as soon as you transfer to thesis awaited status. If you transfer at a time other than at the beginning of the academic session (i.e. October) you will be charged a pro-rata fee until the following October. 

There will be no refund if you submit your thesis during the course of the academic session as many of the costs will have been incurred already and some will continue throughout the examination period.

Postgraduate Researchers will remain in thesis awaited status after the submission of their thesis to the conclusion of their research studies but at this stage are not required to pay a continuation fee.

Payment of continuation fee

This fee should be paid through Payments in the Finance Office. For payment options please visit the Payments website.

For queries relating to the payment of the continuation fee, please contact Accounts Receivable via Service Now.

If a student fails to pay the fee within 14 days of receiving a final demand, they risk being excluded from the University. When a student is excluded from the University they are not entitled to advice from their supervisor on final drafts of their thesis; use University facilities; present their thesis for examination; have their thesis examined or have their degree conferred.

Access to facilities

Postgraduate researchers in thesis awaited status:

  • have access to email, computing facilities and the library
  • should continue to complete the online GRS2 form

Council tax

Your eligibility to receive council tax exemption may change as a result of your transfer to thesis awaited status. You are advised to contact your local council direct to check your eligibility for council tax exemption or see the latest updates on council tax updates on the Guild website

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