Things to do before you leave

There’s so many things to think of when leaving your accommodation – so we’ve put together a handy checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything. Some of these things you’re asked to do as part of your accommodation contract.

We recommend copying and pasting these into the notes section of your phone so that you can cross them off.


  • Vacuum floor
  • Empty and clean all wardrobes, cupboards and drawers
  • Remove all posters, stickers, Blu tack and Sellotape from the walls and doors
  • Ensure all rubbish has been removed and disposed of correctly (in the refuse or recycling bins)
  • Switch off the light and heater
  • Lock your room door


  • Empty all cupboards and drawers
  • Ensure all rubbish and glass bottles have been removed and disposed of correctly (in the refuse or recycling bins)
  • Remove all food from the freezer and fridges and disposed of correctly (for any unopened unperishable food please see section on unwanted items)
  • General clean of the kitchen – wipe surfaces, mop floor, clean out appliances


  • Please ensure that the rest of your flat, including any bathrooms/toilets, are cleaned with all rubbish removed
  • Any unopened post in the hallway can be handed in to reception. Please remember to change your address when purchasing anything online as we are unable to store any post
  • If you have a bike, please ensure it is removed from the bike stores as we are unable to store it.  Any bikes left will be removed over the summer and disposed of

Unwanted Items

Any unwanted items aside from bedding, which will need to be disposed of, can be donated to the British Heart Foundation using the donation bags that are available from Reception. You can then drop it in one of the donation bins next to reception in Shackleton. Any in date, unopened and unperishable food please donate these to the local Birmingham Food Bank by putting it in the donation basket near reception in Shackleton.


We are unable to store any belongings for you over the summer. However, the university is working with LOVESPACE who will collect, store and return any amount of boxes for you for as long as you need to any UK address. For more information, please visit . 


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