The benefits of Pure

Pure’s main objective is to improve research management at a central and departmental level. The system offers many benefits at both an institutional and individual level:

 Managing research information 

  • Pure brings together all research information at Birmingham in one place. With researchers, publications, projects, esteem and impact all together in Pure it provides an accurate, single source of information on the research activity and capability of the University.

  • Pure will become the University’s single source of information and so reduce the number of demands for research information made to staff who will no longer need to provide the same information more than once.

 Enhanced visibility of information 

  • Pure will help you to enhance the visibility of your research by offering a searchable repository for full text publications.

  • Pure allows you to record your interdisciplinary research and collaborations within and external to the university. This will help to improve the institutional understanding of how academics interact with each other.

  • Pure also captures data on the impact of your research as required by external bodies such as research councils and the funding bodies.

  • In time will help to improve the quality of data on the University’s web pages to and increases the accessibility of the university's academic strengths to businesses and the public sector, including the media.

System functionality

  • Pure is used to support the REF21 preparations, allowing a range of staff around the institution to feed into the process. 

  • Pure brings together research data from a range of other applications in a way that is accessible to all academic staff.



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