Creating a CV in Pure

You can use PURE to create and manage CVs, you can create as many as you like, editing and adapting them for different purposes. 

Once you have created a CV it will be automatically updated every time your profile is changed.

Creating a new CV

Hover over Curricula Vitae on the left hand menu and select the plus sign [+]

CV creation - homepageWithin the next screen select Private CV

CV creation - private CV

An option box will appear detailing the sections which can be added to your CV. Select the sections you wish to add to your CV and click Create.

CV - section creation










You may now download this as either a PDF or Word document.

Adding sections and editing your CV

 To edit your CV click the ‘Edit’ button on the left side of the section you wish to change.

CV edit 1

To add a section to your CV, click on the Add Section button. An option box will appear, where additional sections can be added.

To alter an individual piece of data click the edit button on the left side of the section, then click the ‘Make static’ button.

Use the function buttons at the right side of the page to move or delete an individual piece of data.

CV edit 2You can download your completed CV to your computer as a PDF or Microsoft Word document by clicking the relevant option at the top of the screen.

Click the blue Save button to save all changes.






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