Who should I contact?

Contact Team – for applicant enquiries

The Contact Team is our dedicated enquiry team who manage all inbound communications from our pre-applicants, applicants and offer holders.

General enquiries from pre-applicants

Please forward general enquiries from pre-applicants to

General enquiries from applicant or offer holder

Please forward general enquiries from applicants or offer holders to (UG Home students) (UG Overseas students) (PG students)

Complex or College-specific queries Please contact your Admissions team via their dedicated College account

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Admissions Team – for your enquiries

The Admissions Team provides guidance to colleagues across the University. We can help you with day-to-day queries, advise on complex applications, and provide strategic guidance and advice on admissions policies. 

Day-to-day enquiries

Admissions Officers are your day-to-day contacts within the Admissions Team. They process applications from initial receipt to initial decision and to final acceptance where relevant. Admissions Officers work across the Office and can be involved in processing undergraduate or postgraduate applications for any area of the University depending on Office demands at any given time.

Complex applications or queries

Team Leaders are responsible for the line management and smooth running of the team, managing the workload of the Office in relation to target turnarounds while maintaining a high level of customer service. The team leader should be contacted in the case of complex applications or queries.

Strategic guidance and advice on admissions policies

Admissions Managers are responsible for overseeing all admissions activities for their specified college/s. In addition, they each have a lead role on primary office activities, such as policy and procedure, qualifications, quality and compliance, DBS and non-standard admissions routes. They should be contacted for strategic guidance and advice on admissions policies and for very complex application queries.


Admissions Team email addresses

Teams can be contacted using the addresses below. Please note that Admissions Team email addresses are for internal use only and should not be given out to applicants. Directing applicant enquiries to the Contact Team in the first instance enables Admissions Officers dedicate their time to processing applications.

College of Social Sciences (CoSS) and Liberal Arts and Sciences

Admissions Manager (excluding PG Business)
Melissa Thomas

Team Leaders:
Jane Hewins (Mon-Wed)
Keeley Turner (Wed-Fri)

Admissions Officers:
Valerie Ashford
Steven Jackson
John Rowley
Liz Henderson
Julia Wood

PG Birmingham Business School

Team Leader
Gemma Chisnall

Admissions Officers
Natalie Wood
Mark Close
Baljit Kaur
Mary Pillay
Helen Downes

College of Arts and Law (CAL) 

Admissions Manager:
Holly Turner

Team Leader:

Admissions Officers:
Rosie Vass
Fiona Robinson
Suman Kattri
Ruma Rehman (Mon-Thurs) 
Ian Whitehead
Rachel Innes (Wed-Fri)

College of Engineering and Physical Science (EPS)

Admissions Manager:
Jessica Agnew

Team Leader:
Debbie Heath

Admissions Officers:
Dupinder Chana
Carol Dangerfield
Tim Everett
Hayley Kelsall
Paul Mines
Rita Chauhan

College of Life and Environmental Sciences (LES)

Admissions Manager:
Alex Comis

Team Leader:
Aleksandra Theodorakopoulos-Drogitis

Admissions Officers:
Catherine Mann
Louise Allen
Esther Levasseur (Tues-Thurs)
Madeeha Bano
Richard Woodhouse
Oli Bailey
Jackie Mallett

College of Medical and Dental Sciences (MDS)

Admissions Manager:
Alex Comis

Team Leader:
Aleksandra Theodorakopoulos-Drogitis

Admissions Officers:
Catherine Mann
Louise Allen
Esther Levasseur (Tues-Thurs)
Madeeha Bano
Richard Woodhouse
Oli Bailey
Jackie Mallett

Non-Standard Applications Team

Admissions Manager:
Rachel Williams

Team Leader  (Mon - Wed)
Joanna Harrison  
Team Leader (Wed - Fri) 
Julie Roadknight 

Admissions Officer 
Alexia Chanda
Gemma Foster
James Lawler
Jessica Owens (Mon/Fri)

Contact Team

Head of Contact Team:
Adam Meakin

Team Leader:
Nina Marcel

Enquiry Advisor
Lorena Catiche
Sian Kemp
Holly Shaddock
Kate Marsella

Enquiry Assistant
Louise Dale
Sara Blakemore

Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) Team

Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) Manager:
Alex Comis

Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) Administrator:
Nahid Choudhry

Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) Assistant Administrator:
Estella Nicholson-Allen (Tues-Thurs)

Key people

Director of Admissions
Nick Hull

Head of Undergraduate Admissions
Joanna Labudek

Head of Postgraduate Admissions
Natalie Taylor

Head of Admissions Operations
Nic Ranford

Head of Contact Team
Adam Meakin





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