Research integrity, ethics and governance training

Below is an overview of the research integrity, ethics and governance training provided centrally at the University of Birmingham and also details of relevant training provided externally.

Please be aware that further training may be available locally via Schools and Colleges.

Open Research Events

Open Research Forum, 14th June 2021 – 17th June 2021

Members of the Open Research Board have organised an Open Research Forum event for the week commencing 14th June 2021.

The virtual event series will focus on highlighting the opportunities of cross discipline engagement with Open Science through practical examples, presented by University of Birmingham staff and external colleagues.  Sessions are as follows, with the detailed programme available here:

  • 14th June 21 - 12.00 – 14.30
    Forum event launch with the PVC Research and Knowledge Transfer
  • 15th June 21 - 13.00 – 14.00
    Making data openly available: 'as open as possible, as closed as necessary’
  • 16th June 21 - 13.00 – 14.00
    Data Management Plans
  • 17th June 21 – 13.00 – 14.00
    Data sharing and making data publically available

The sessions will be of value to all researchers, from PhD student to Professor, and we look forward to welcoming you to the forum event series. You are encouraged to share this invitation with any other University of Birmingham colleagues who you think might wish to be involved. 

If you are interested in attending, please contact Dr Birgit Whitman, Head of Research Governance & Integrity ( for further information.   Please note this is an internal University of Birmingham event.

Bespoke integrity, ethics and governance training

We are happy to provide bespoke sessions for colleges, schools and research groups on request.

Central ethics process training

The Ethics Team run regular sessions regarding the process of applying for University ethical approval, which are targeted at new research staff and postgraduate research students.

PGR students who wish to book onto this session should email, quoting the relevant course title in the ‘subject’ heading.  Please also provide the date of the session, and your full contact details, in the email.  

You can also self-enrol onto a Canvas course which explains the central ethics process at

Ethics Research Manager (ERM) Q&A sessions

The University is moving to a new, online research ethics review system to replace the current online SAF and AER forms.  From 13th June 2022, ERM will be piloted for all PGR and unfunded staff projects.   Funded staff projects will continue to use the Worktribe ethics checklist and AER form until the end of the year, when ERM will be fully rolled out to these too.

If you have any questions about or require support with ERM, a number of online Q&A sessions have been set up which you are welcome to book to register to attend.  Please be aware that these sessions will be recorded for future training use.  Details are as follows:

13th June 2022, 15.00-15.30 -

14th June 2022, 14.15-14.45 –

15th June 2022, 11.15-11.45 –

16th June 2022, 10.30-11.00 –

17th June 2022, 11.00-11.30 –

22nd June 2022, 12.30-13.00 –

29th June 2022, 14.15-14.45 -

Training for new ethics reviewers

Online training for those who wish to join the University's ethics review committees will be available on the following dates:

Monday 20th June 2022 from 13.00-14.30 - the registration link for participants is:

Wednesday 22nd June 2022 from 10.00-11.30 - the registration link for participants is

Tuesday 5th July 2022 from 14.30-16.00 - the registration link for participants is: 

Research Integrity modules on Canvas

The University has a number of online Research Integrity modules, which are designed to assist new researcher staff and students in meeting their responsibilities when conducting research.

The modules are located on Canvas, and cover the following disciplines:

Issue covered within the modules include:

  • Researcher responsibilities
  • Research misconduct
  • Training
  • Working with humans and/or animals (and relevant ethical approvals)
  • Financial interests and intellectual property
  • Health and safety
  • Research data
  • Collaborations
  • Publishing (including plagiarism and authorship)
  • Advocacy and responsibility to society

Tips on how to find modules:

  1. Log in to Canvas Learning Environment with your University username/ID and password
  2. The Research Integrity modules are within the ‘Canvas Gallery’ (bottom right corner of Dashboard)
  3. Click on ‘Canvas Gallery’, then ‘Research and Information Skills’ – the Research Integrity modules should be available
  4. Click ‘enrol’ on the relevant module

Other relevant training offered within the University

External training courses


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