Due Diligence and Export Controls

Trusted Research Agenda

Increasingly the University is undertaking collaborative research with a range of global partners. In the UK open research thrives on transparency and trust underpinned by legislation and policy. The trusted research agenda outlines the potential risks to UK research and innovation and explains how to protect research and staff from potential theft, misuse or exploitation.

  • Due diligence is conducted on all overseas and industry research partners which are managed through the RSSD (and in other areas by wider teams such as DARO and Birmingham Global). This includes both financial and reputational assessments in the context of the specific collaboration to allow informed and balanced decisions on whether the University should work with a collaborator.
  • Legal Requirements will include ensuring we comply with export control, GDPR, visa requirements, NS&I Act as well as many others that may be specific to the type of research being undertaken.
  • Security – ensure that where necessary to protect IP, research or personal data by only giving access to research to those that have a valid requirement and ensure adequate protection (both security and contractual) are in place to ensure protection.

RSSD in conjunction with the main Trusted Research guidance to help you understand what you can do to help manage national security risks to research.

Export Controls

Export Controls aim to limit proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and counter international threats, and applies to research produced by universities due to the potential for certain research to have a ‘dual use.’

This means that whilst research may have been developed with a certain purpose in mind, it has the potential to be utilised for other means including military, arms, WMD, terrorism. When planning a new research project, Export Controls checks must be made in parallel to starting applications for funding. In addition, non-funded activity where knowledge or technology is being transferred physically or electronically may still need an export license. 

You can contact our experts in the Research, Strategy and Services Division at export-control@contacts.bham.ac.uk for guidance around this process.

Visit our Export Control pages for more information

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