Our research culture

The University of Birmingham is deeply committed to supporting a positive research culture, which informs our researchers’ values, behaviours, norms, expectations, and career pathways, and shapes our endeavour for research excellence.

The Research Strategy and Services Division, along with other professional services teams, supports the University’s stated ambitions to value and encourage inclusive, open, collaborative, and responsible research. This is achieved by leading on support in areas such as Research Ethics and Integrity, Responsible Research Assessment, the coordination of Open Research support, embedding EDI in research design and grant cultures, amongst other areas.

The Division also supports a vibrant and innovative culture for its own staff, and with training and development opportunities and dynamic career pathways for practitioner colleagues built into its new structures and ways of working. Presently, with the support of QR-funding, the Research Environment and Policy Team is developing a joined-up institutional infrastructure and approach to enhancing the University’s research culture. A new Research Culture Manager has been recruited and will leading on this work from the Autumn.

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