Digital contacts

Our digital channels are managed and supported by a number of teams across the University. Here you can find the right contact for your needs. 

Digital Channel Management team

The Digital Channel Management team in External Relations provide a centre of expertise on using digital channels effectively.

Working across the website, email (CRM), social media, digital acquisition and search engine optimisation, the team are responsible for defining and leading the University-wide digital roadmap as well as seeking new opportunities in emerging technologies.

IT services team

The IT services team manage the running of our digital services across the University. This includes implementation and development of new software applications and the service managment of live applications.

University staff or students with web service problems or requests should contact the IT Service Desk. The IT Service Desk service allows you to create support calls and to view the progress of your calls from initial logging to completion.

College Marketing and Communications teams

Each college has a marketing team who manage digital content, media and communications for that area:

Each team is responsible for student recruitment and research communications, working across website content, social media, digital advertising and digital media production. 

Other Marketing and Digital teams

There are a number of marketing and digital teams across the University who manage digital communications for a particular area of department. Our website content owners list is a good starting point for marketing and digital activity outside of colleges. 

Website governance

There are various groups involved in the governance and management of the University's websites, with representatives from across a number of teams and departments. 

Birmingham Digital Education

The Birmingham Digital Education team aim to facilitate the sharing of good practice in the use of Technology Enhanced Learning across the University and offer training and support in the use of Technology Enhanced Learning to enhance the student experience.


Professional Services