Reporting problems with the website

If you encounter one of the following problems, the content owner for the page should be able to advise you and may be able to fix the problem locally:

  • Amendments to an existing page
  • Redirect a web address to new URL
  • Broken links 

Other problems

If you are unsure who to contact, or you need to report any of the following problems, please raise an IT Service Desk call

  • Access problems with a page or site
  • Something is not working as expected
  • The website appears to be down (please check the service status site before raising a call, in case it is a known issue)

The IT Service Desk service allows you to create and view the progress of support calls from initial logging to completion.

When you make a support call, please give as much detail as you can about the page or content location, and/or what is not working, so that the support team can investigate as quickly as possible.



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