Careers and part-time work

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 We offer support to help you build the skills that employers are looking for, right from the start of your time at university.

Careers advice

  • Careers Network - This is available from the start of your studies to help you gain the skills and experience for the career you want. Specialist resources and professional advisers are available for you, whether you are looking for jobs, brushing up your interview technique or deciding what to do next.
  • Careers First - This webpage specialises in top tips and links to opportunities available to first year students. Making the most of your first year is key to enjoying your time at university and developing skills and gaining experience you can sell to an employer. Use this webpage to get ideas of how to get involved.

Finding a part-time job

Looking for a part-time job during your studies?

  • Worklink - Your connection to on-campus casual work at the University of Birmingham – Register for job alerts
  • Jobs, Skills & Volunteering vacancies - Jobs, Skills & Volunteering at the Guild of Students gives you access to hundreds of part-time and temporary vacancies in and around Birmingham.

The Personal Skills Award

  • Personal Skills Award - The PSA is an award-winning scheme which provides evidence to employers of skills you have gained at university. You can get points for your extra-curricular activities and attend a range of skills sessions, taught modules, and online skills courses.

Setting up your own business

  • B Enterprising - We actively support our students to develop their business ideas and set up their own businesses. Careers Network runs competitions, programmes, and support services for students interested in going into self-employment.