PGR Essentials: Getting Started

Zoom - registration required
Tuesday 24 May 2022 (11:00-12:30)

New Postgraduate Researcher at University of Birmingham? Been here a while but don't know what the University Graduate School offers?

The University Graduate Schools runs an induction session 'PGR Essentials: Getting Started' every other month. They are a great opportunity for postgraduate researchers to get to know the University Graduate School, services available to PGR and to ask questions and receive advice from current PGRs.

We run small group sessions, so you can ask the questions that matter most to you. We also invite current PGRs, so you can hear all the insider secrets on getting the most out of your time here.


1. Hear about central services such as the dedicated PGR Careers Network team, the Guild PG Officer, the Research Skills Team in the Library as well as PGR support and services offered from us, the University Graduate School, and our PGR Community Hub Westmere.

2. Break - Time to grab a tea/coffee/drink of choice and then either step away from the screen or keep your video on to chat with other PGRs that have joined our session.

3. Then it's over to you - Current PGRs and PGR focused staff will kick us of with some of the questions they get asked the most, but this is your time to ask anything at all. Anything you are unclear on? Ask our panel for their top advice on a particular subject. Check the meaning of that acronym you keep hearing. Get reassurance on a concern (someone else has probably had the same concern).

Our aim is for you to leave with a clearer idea on how to focus your energy, where you can access support and just generally feeling more in the know.


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