PG: Yoga - Monday Wind-down

Online via Zoom
Monday 13 December 2021 (16:00-17:00)

Contact our instructor Sarah directly at

Picture of yoga mat

Login details for the sessions can be accessed by registering from our event page, the same Zoom link will work for all sessions in this block, you don't need to register for each session.

Take time away from your day to reset mentally and physically with this yoga practice, no experience necessary! Classes will be held via Zoom, live with our qualified Instructor, Sarah Fleming. The class is open to all postgraduates (taught and research) and is an excellent opportunity to join our online community in a relaxing yoga class, offering great benefits for both your posture and general wellbeing. 

During the class participants will be muted so feel free to have your own music on at home if you wish, and have a blanket and a cushion nearby so that you can get cosy in relaxation at the end. Pets, housemates and family are all welcome to join in too! You may complete this class with your camera on or off - leaving your camera on means Sarah may be able to provide tips and corrections to posture - but if you are more comfortable being off camera, that is absolutely fine, you can select the option to turn the camera off, and just view the instructor.  Participants who choose to be on camera can be viewed by the rest of the participants and the instructor.  

 Environment / Set-up 

  • Consider this as a usual yoga class: you'll want an environment with minimum distractions and background noise - preferably, a room to yourself where you have enough floor space to lie down flat, with your phone turned off and where others are not going to be walking through while you practice.  
  • You might want to practice on a sticky yoga mat if you have one, but if not  practising on a carpet/rug is fine - you might want a cushion to sit on (or sometimes you could even use a thick book - just to raise your hips a little) 
  • Ideally do not practice yoga on a full stomach! It is recommended to not eat within 2.5 hrs of practising (or if you do need a snack before, make it something light and digestible, like fruit).  
  • Try and set up your device you are logging in from so that the camera is pointing towards where you are sitting, and it captures most of you (our Instructor puts her laptop on a shoebox and a book to get it the right height); this way, she can observe the class just as would happen in a normal yoga class, and offer verbal instructions to proper alignment in the postures. 


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