Information for EU students

Please see below a range of FAQs relating to travel for EU students. 

Read the FAQs for:

Expired CAS

Expired travel vignette (how to apply for a replacement)

EU continuing students who need a CAS

Expired CAS

My Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) has expired – can I use it to making my student visa application?

If you have been issued a CAS between 24th January 2020 and 31st December 2020 and it has now expired, we can confirm that you can continue to use the expired CAS to make your Student Visa application in accordance with UK Visas and Immigration, COVID-19 policy guidance.

In your visa application you must provide a covering letter and explain why you could not previously use your CAS or travel to the UK due to Covid-19. You will need to:

  • explain why you could not travel (this must be due to COVID-19);
  • that you are a registered as a student and started you studies in 2020 during the pandemic; and
  • that you are continuing to engage with your studies and are successfully moving onto the second year of your programme. 

You must still ensure that all your visa documents are up to date and valid when you make your visa application, for example your TB clearance certificate or your ATAS certificate (if applicable). You must also ensure that your passport is valid for your planned length of stay in the UK.

Important Information

(1)    If you have transferred your programme since your CAS was issued to you, you must not use the same CAS. You must let us know so that we can support you with a new CAS. Details on how to contact the IST can be found below.

(2)    If you have renewed your passport since your last CAS, you can use your new passport and your expired CAS (with your previous passport details) to make your visa application. UKVI have recommended that you:

(a)    Provide a covering letter to explain that you have a new passport since your CAS was issued to you; and

(b)    Take both passport to the visa application centre in case there are questions.

Can I get help to make my student visa application?

Yes.  The IST will be running a weekly ‘Making a Student visa application’ workshops. The aim of the workshop is to support you prepare to make your visa application and it will tell you the requirements and documents you will need to make your Student visa application. 

How do I attend a visa workshop?

You will have to book a ticket to attend the workshop. 

Making a Student visa application

The University’s intranet pages provides information about making a Student visa application -please see the University’s advice on making a Student visa application.

How do I contact the IST?

If you have any questions about making your Student visa application, you can log an enquiry on our student help intranet page. Please enter “Expired CAS” as the subject title to your enquiry.   

Expired travel vignette (how to apply for a replacement)

I applied for my student visa and I was issued with a 90day travel vignette. I was not able to travel to the UK because of COVID and now my 90 day travel vignette has expired. Do I need to apply for a new student visa?

If your 90day vignette has expired, you do not need to apply for a new student visa.  You will need to apply for a replacement travel vignette by completing the online form. The cost of replacing an expired 90day vignette is £154 and you will need to make an appointment to resubmit your biometric information and your passport.

We strongly advise that you only apply to replace an expired vignette, when you are confident you can travel to the UK.  Visit the Government website for further information and advice. 


EU continuing students who need a CAS

I am an EU/EEA national and I started by course in September 2020. I have now completed my first year and will be moving onto the second year of my studies. I was never issued a CAS and now I need one to apply for a student visa to complete my studies. Who do I contact to obtain a CAS?

If you need a CAS to apply for your first student visa you will need to need to request one from the International Student Team (IST) by completing an online form.  Please ensure you include the following text in the subject box ‘EU Student requires CAS’.

You will be invited to attend a bespoke visa workshop and an IST Advisor will talk you through the CAS request process and the documentation we require before we can assign you a CAS.

In the meantime, it would be useful to get yourself familiar with information on how to apply for a student visa and the visa documents required.




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