Get involved with the Sustainability Review

UoBe Festival - Sustainability Review

Date: 15 December 2020

Time: 2:30pm

Would you like to get involved in the review of the UoBe Festival’s approach to delivering a sustainable event, across environmental, social and economic aspects?

If so have your say and sign up to the sustainbility review where you will have opportunity to:

  • Attend a variety of the Festival events and activities
  • Develop auditing skills across sustainability themes
  • Collaborate with students across Colleges and sustainability interests
  • Present findings to senior UoBe Festival management
  • Gain insight into the delivery of a University event
  • Influence how the University embeds sustainability in student engagement and event delivery in the future
  • Help establish a template for future sustainability review of University / Student delivered events

Sign up here.

For further information contact the Sustainability team @


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