Changes to the University's Student Conduct Regulations

Guild Officers Jules and Josephine explain the new changes to student conduct regulations.

Find out what the latest changes for 2021/22 mean for you during your time at the University.

As a student at the University of Birmingham we want you to have an enjoyable and safe time as a member of a diverse University community.

To ensure all students have a positive experience on and off campus, we expect you to be aware of the University’s Student Conduct Regulations – a set of principles that apply during your time at the University – and to act accordingly.

We regularly review these regulations and, in the interests of students, have recently made the following changes, which have been developed with support from the Guild of Students:

  • The main change is that the University’s jurisdiction has been extended to cover the behaviour of all of its registered students, whether the conduct takes place on University premises or off campus. Action by the University remains subject to certain conditions including whether there is sufficient evidence to proceed.  In all cases the University and Guild are here to provide extensive wellbeing support to all of its students.
  • Clarification of existing practice, including the definitions of disciplinary offences (e.g. sexual misconduct, bullying and coercion), and that a Police investigation will normally take priority over one carried out by the University.
  • The right to impose a fine has been removed, although the right to require a student to pay the cost of any damage they have caused remains. Additionally the process to quickly suspend a student where they have received a custodial sentence has also been streamlined.

These changes to Regulations apply to all students with immediate effect and do not apply retrospectively to conduct that took place in the past.

Take a look at the above video produced by the Guild of Students which explains the main changes.


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