EUniWell initiative for students

The European University of Well-being (EUniWell) is now confirmed as a new ‘European University of the Future’ through the European Commission’s (EC) ERASMUS+ and Horizon 2020 programmes. 

EUniWell is an ambitious alliance of seven leading European universities - Birmingham, Cologne, Florence, Leiden, Linnaeus, Nantes, and Semmelweis.

By using our collective research expertise, educational leadership and civic engagement, EUniWell will play a critical role in shaping research-based policy and teaching to help improve citizens’ quality of life across Europe and beyond

Students are the heart of our alliance and involved in all aspects of our work, including governance. Supported by €5 million of EC funding, our partnership will support learning at all ages - for university students, life-long learners and their teachers; fostering equality and diversity. We will train the next generation of Europeans, enable scientific breakthroughs and transfer knowledge to benefit society.

Find out about this exciting initiative in the first edition of EUniWell’s quarterly newsletter. This will keep you informed about developments and you can sign up to receive future email editions via the ‘Subscribe’ button in the newsletter. We look forward to you joining us via the newsletter, and hopefully taking part in some of our projects.


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