my.bham: Update on error message

We're aware of an issue with my.bham. A security access message is appearing for some staff and students upon visiting  

You may not get the security access message, depending on the version of the web browser you're using. The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge seem to be affected.  If you get the security access message, make sure you've tried using Internet Explorer before proceeding to the next step.   

  • If you still get the security access message, you may need to take some additional steps to gain access to my.bham:  
    • Click "Advanced"
    • Click "Proceed to (unsafe)"
    • You should then be taken to the usual my.bham login screen  

We're looking into a fix for this issue as a priority – in the meantime, continue to use the above workaround. 

For updates on this issue, visit  


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