International Students – Get an Amazon voucher for sharing your experiences

The University is currently working with Nous Group to conduct a review to help understand the experiences of international students at Birmingham. To support this research we would be grateful if you could attend a focus group to feedback on your experience.

The focus groups are open to all international students and are scheduled on:

  • Wednesday 23 June (3.00)
  • Thursday 24 June (11.00am)

Times are UK based and sessions will last for one hour. 

Please sign up to one of the focus groups by 12noon on Tuesday 22 June. You will receive a Zoom link from the Nous group in advance of the session. Attendees will receive a £15 Amazon voucher following the sessions to say thank you for your time. 

In the focus groups, you will be able to provide any feedback on your time at Birmingham. The themes may vary but example questions include:

  • What made you decide to attend the University of Birmingham?
  • What surprises (both positive and negative) did you have when you arrived in Birmingham/the UK?
  • Did your post-study plans change while you were at Birmingham?
  • What parts of your life at Birmingham do you particularly value (whether classroom, extra-curricular activities, or in broader life)?
  • What parts of the Birmingham experience did you enjoy less?
  • What differences, if any, have you noticed in the international and home student experiences?
  • What would you tell a friend from home or younger cousin who was thinking about studying at the University of Birmingham?


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