Online assessments – Semester 2 update

As we continue to grapple with the challenges of Covid and look ahead to the next few months, it appears highly likely that some level of social distancing will still be required in the summer. Therefore in order for everyone to plan accordingly, we can now confirm that for most students the end of Semester Two assessment period  - including exams – will be delivered online.

In support of this:

  • All of our assessments have already been designed to be undertaken online as part of the Framework for Education Resilience for this academic year. 
  • Staff will be collecting your feedback and reviewing what we have learnt from the recent assessment period to ensure you are as well prepared as you can be for Semester Two.
  • There will be some programmes with professional/practical/accreditation requirements where we anticipate we will be able to provide on-campus assessments. Unfortunately it is too early at this stage to predict how many programmes this will cover, but if this affects you, your school will be in contact as soon as they have confirmed information.

You can also read our policy on Fair Assessments and Fair Outcomes, which covers this academic year. Please contact relevant staff in your School if you have questions about specific module assessments.


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