How can you make our campus a hedgehog friendly space?

hedgehog 3

The UoB Hedgehog Friendly campus team are a staff and student run group currently raising awareness around hedgehog healthy habits. They invite you to help make the University a home for hedgehogs. 

As well as being adorable, hedgehogs are a valuable indicator of soil health as they rely on worms and soil dwelling invertebrates for food. In urban areas, there has been an increase in hedgehog population. Therefore, universities like ours are perfect locations for focusing on conservation work and educating our community about the importance of wildlife.

The group, which now consists of Biological Sciences student Felicity Humphries, who already works part-time at a local hedgehog rescue called Array 4 Hogs, and staff members Alison Leese and Dave O’Driscoll, have secured a Silver award from the British Hedgehog Preservation Society for their work curating a safe space for our loveable spiny pals. They are now pushing for the Gold award in time for the December deadline. 

 If you are interested in volunteering by assisting on litter picks or helping to spot evidence of hedgehogs on campus and in turn, campaigning to build a hedgehog house or add the University as a release sight for hedgehogs coming out of the rescue, please get in touch with Felicity using the details below.


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