How should I write a CV or application form?

Careers Network run workshops which will help you. You can also get your CV or application form reviewed by selecting ‘contact us’ below and attaching it (our advisors will review it and reply with comments). There is also information about how to complete CVs and application forms on our Canvas course about how to apply for jobs - we advise you to review this before sending your documents to us. You can also review our quick guides:

Quick guide to Preparing an application (PDF) Quick guide to CVs (PDF)Quick guide to Covering Letter (PDF)

You may also wish to book a face-to-face CV or application appointment (you will need to bring along a printed copy of your draft CV or application form). Current students can book appointments themselves using their my.bham username and password. If all appointments are currently booked, please note that new appointments tend to be released at 18:00 or due to cancellations. If you are having difficulty logging in to Careers Connect, please see our troubleshooting guide.

Graduates, alumni, and other course leavers are also eligible for face-to-face appointments and online CV checks for up to two years after leaving the University. However, for technical reasons, they cannot directly book appointments through Careers Connect – if you fall into one of these categories and want a face-to-face appointment, please contact us below.