Secure Documents website: problems logging in

If you are having problems logging into the Secure Documents website, please read the following notes:

Current students

To log in, please go to the Secure Documents website (Verify), and click "student and graduate login". Please log in with your normal university credentials. If you cannot log in, please contact the IT Service Desk.


Go to the Secure Documents website (Verify), click "student and graduate login", and log in with your university login details. These login details will still work beyond completion, however, you must enter your email address in the format if you are no longer a current student.

If you no longer have your login details, or you have any problems logging in, please log a call with our IT Service Desk to retrieve or reset your details.

Alumni who are also staff

If you work for the university, as well as having attended as a student, it is likely you will have two university email addresses. To access your student record, you must log in using your email address in the format, and the password you used when you were a student with us. It will not work if you use your staff login details.

If you are using a university PC, or a device which has previously been used to access your staff account, you may find it automatically uses your staff account, without prompting for login details, and you then will not be able to see any documents. To prevent this happening, please open a "private" or "incognito" window in your web browser before opening the website. This will force it to prompt you for login details.


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