My personal email address has changed, how do I update it?

How can I add/edit/delete my personal email address(es) in My Details?

You can add and update your personal email address(es) in the Personal Information Section of My Details in the MyUoB App. In the Personal Information Section, navigate to the Email panel.

My personal address is my preferred email address. In addition to my UoB email address, will I also be sent emails to my preferred email address?

Yes, you receive an email to both your university email address and your preferred email address.

Can I change my student email address?

Your University of Birmingham student email address will be assigned to you at the point of admission to the University. It is not possible to update or change this email address using My Details. It's essential that you check your mailbox regularly for this address as this is one of the main ways that the University will communicate with you.



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