Better Than Well: Our Collegiate Recovery Program

Did you once have a problem with alcohol, drugs, or a behavioural addiction (food, sex, gambling, gaming, compulsive shopping, exercise, or internet use) but no longer do? Are you in recovery from addiction? Are you moving towards or interested in recovery from addiction? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then BTW is here for you!

Better Than Well - Campus Addiction Recovery Programme

Better Than Well is a community of recovering students on campus at UoB who support each other in shaping and maintaining an abstinence based life in higher education through peer support, mutual aid, “sober social” activities and recovery focused groups and meetings.

University campus addiction recovery programme

What we offer:

  • A weekly open meeting in ‘celebration’ of recovery that provides continued support to BTW members, face to face and on zoom. This meeting is a chance for recovering students to share their thoughts, feelings, concerns, hopes and successes around life as a student in recovery.
  • Drop-ins at The Lodge, North Gate, for students to take a break from their studies and busy schedules for a tea, a friendly chat and helpful support.
  • Support in attending addiction recovery support meetings in the local community, a local representative from the recovery community will be on hand to take students to local meetings. 
  • A 12-step recovery meeting on campus
  • Mindfulness meditation classes
  • A monthly “Sober Social” activity
  • Access to Smart Recovery meeting on campus 

Contact Luke Trainor ( or Ed Day ( for more information.

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The University also offers a counsellor-led recovery service provided by SMART Recovery. Find out more!


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