College of Arts and Law: College Board Members

College Board is responsible for the academic leadership of the College.


  • Professor Andrzej Gasiorek (AGk), Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Head of College (HoC), Chair
  • Professor Corey Ross (CR), Deputy Head of College
  • Professor Aleks Cavoski (AC), Director of Global Engagement (DoGE)
  • Professor Charlotte Hempel (CH), Head of Philosophy, Theology and Religion
  • Dr Gillian Wright (GW), Head of College Graduate School
  • Professor Elaine Fulton (EF), Director of Education
  • Professor Helen Abbott (AB), Head of Language, Culture, Art History and Music
  • Rachel Allmark (RA), Director of Operations
  • Professor Gavin Schaffer (GS), Head of School, SHAC
  • Professor Tom Lockwood (TL), Head of English, Drama and Creative Studies
  • Professor Hugh Adlington (HAn), Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer
  • Professor Lisa Webley (LW), Head of Law
  • Professor Peter Morey (PM), CAL EDI


Secretary of the Committee: Joanne Keogh (

Minutes of the CAL College Board


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