Referencing and plagiarism

The University provides important guidance to help you understand what plagiarism is, why it is unacceptable, and the penalties that can be incurred if you submit plagiarised work.

The library also provides guidance on how to reference correctly and how to use referencing software.

This information is additional to that which you may receive from your University department.

Information for students

The following sources are particularly useful for undergraduates:

  • Skills4Uni: Interactive course for prospective students and new undergraduate students, who would like to develop the academic skills that are needed to learn successfully and avoid plagiarism.
  • Skills4StudyCampus: Interactive course available as a taster for prospective students, and as a full course for all registered students.

These sources are suitable for all students:

  • Avoiding Plagiarism: online course via Canvas.
  • Student Conduct office: Guidance about what plagiarism is, and how plagiarism is dealt with. Students need to understand their responsibilities regarding the submission of assessed work and the underpinning ‘Learning Agreement’.
  • Interactive plagiarism course:explains all aspects of plagiarism, from defining the concept, to how to acknowledge the work of others. It contains quizzes, exercises and FAQs.
  • Cite them right online.  Subscription resource from Macmillan International: login (top right) as University of Birmingham.  Source of extensive information on referencing, with tutorials and style information as well as many specific examples.
  • iCite: A referencing guide to facilitate good academic practice. This provides practical guidance on how to reference using the different conventions, as well as links to useful referencing software.
  • Academic Skills Gateway: Develop good academic practice and a wide range of underlying academic skills. The Academic Skills Gateway covers a host of online resources which covers learning strategies, writing, reading, revision, exam technique and more.

Information for staff

The Student Conduct office provides information and resources for staff about plagiarism.

  • The University's Code of Practice on Plagiarism and plagiarism regulations.
  • Standard templates for Plagiarism Offices in Colleges, Schools and Departments.
  • Help for highlighting the University's guidance for students. 


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