UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) open access policy for monographs and book chapters

From 1 January 2024 the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) open access policy will apply to long-form outputs (monographs, book chapters and edited collections) required to acknowledge UKRI funding. Long-form outputs must be open access within 12 months of publication. Monographs which are only required to acknowledge a UKRI training grant are encouraged, but not required to follow the policy.

UKRI-funded researchers can apply to UKRI via their research organisation for funding. A two-stage process will ensure authors and their research organisations have confirmation that their outputs are in scope of the UKRI fund as they proceed with publishing agreements. UKRI will then release funds upon notification of publication.

How do I comply?

You can find more information about options on our open access monographs page.

Funding for open access monographs, chapters and edited collections

You are no longer permitted to include long-form OA publication costs in UKRI research funding applications. However, you should still include any anticipated costs associated with clearing rights for 3rd party materials that will be reproduced in related publications.

If you want to make the published version of a long-form output open access and your publisher charges a Book or Chapter Processing Charge (BPC or CPC), you may be eligible for support from UKRI’s central ring-fenced open access monograph fund. Applications to the fund must be made by Library Services on behalf of the author. UKRI will reject applications received directly from authors. The application must be approved by UKRI before you commit to an open access publishing agreement.

Apply for UKRI funding for monographs and book chapters through Library Services.

Exemptions to the policy

The UKRI policy does include several exemptions (detailed on our UKRI exemptions guidance page). UKRI require that:

  1. Institutions (not individual authors) report all in scope long-form outputs published under an exemption.
  2. Authors explore all alternative options with their library service before applying an exemption.

Before publishing under an exemption, UKRI funded authors must apply for a review by completing a UKRI monographs exemption request form. Library Services will use the information on the form to support authors in exploring alternatives and will make recommendations to the University OA Monograph Oversight Group. The group will make a final decision regarding use of the exemption.

Details of UKRI exemptions to the policy


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