How do I deposit my work in UBIRA?

Depositing in UBIRA is simple. You need a few details about your article and a final version of the text. The process takes no more than a few minutes per record on average.

How you deposit to UBIRA depends on the type of material.

(including draft/accepted versions)



Choose one of the options listed below for more information or contact us:

Email: Digital Assets team

Telephone: 44 (0)121 414 3918 


Published material in UBIRA

You are encouraged by the University to (where possible) self-archive your publications in UBIRA. This is the 'green' route to open access (self-archiving) and is free for authors.

How to deposit

  1. See what your publishers’ policy permits regarding 'green' self-archiving, by checking Sherpa Romeo.
  2. If you are a member of staff, log in to Pure with your university username and password.
  3. Click on the ‘add new’ button to upload your document and publication details.
  4. Deposit the accepted final manuscript version of your publication immediately on acceptance.
  5. Upload your full text document as a PDF. It helps if you save your full-text PDF file as <surname><nameofjournal><date>
    • Add an embargo to the document, if required by the publisher.
  6. Ensure your publication is linked to the grant using the ‘Projects’ link in Pure.
  7. Click ‘save’: your deposit will then be validated by our team and available as open access in UBIRA.

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 Unpublished material in UBIRA

You are welcome to self-archive unpublished material, such as working papers, technical reports and other ‘grey literature’ in the ePapers section of UBIRA.

How to deposit

  1. Create an account in the ePapers section of UBIRA.
  2. Log into ePapers and either select “New Item”, or “Import Items”.
  3. Import bibliographical details using DOI, PubMed ID or BibTex if appropriate.
  4. Upload your full text document as a PDF. It helps if you save your full-text PDF file as <surname><nameofjournal><date>
  5. Click save: your deposit will then be checked by our team and made open access in UBIRA.
    • Alternatively, you can send an electronic copy of the full text of your publication to Our team will then carry out the deposit on your behalf.

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