Codes of practice, policies and guidance

In 2016-17, the University moved to cohort legislation.  This means that the legislation in place when a student registers on a programme will remain in place throughout their programme. On occasion the University may update this legislation, but will only do so in certain circumstances, often with the express consent of the student cohort.  For more details of how this may happen please refer to the guidance on consulting students.

The 2018-19 cohort legislation has been rolled forward from the 2017-18 cohort, without amendment. There are, however, some upcoming updates relating to degree apprenticeships that will mean there are some changes to certain legislation. These changes will be published in due course.

For students who will start their programme of study in 2018-19, the below legislation will apply throughout your degree.

For students who started their degree in 2016-17 please visit the Cohort Legislation for 2016-17 page.

For students who started their degree in 2017-18 please visit the Cohort Legislation for 2017-18 page. 




Should you have any queries relating to the University's legislation, please email