Senate Review

What is a Senate Review?

You may believe that, during the course of your Academic Appeal, a procedural irregularity occurred. That is, you may think that the correct procedure (as outlined in the Code of Practice on Academic Appeals Procedures) was not followed at all times. In this instance, you are able to make a request that your Appeal is reviewed by Senate.

Senate Reviews are not a 'second chance' at the appeals process; a Senate Review is only concerned with the conduct of the Academic Appeal, or the presentation of new evidence that was not availble for a good reason at the time of the initial appeal.

How do I request a Senate Review?

After your appeal has been considered and an outcome agreed by the Academic Appeal Committee, you will be sent an outcome letter.  This letter will give you 15 working days in which to submit a Senate Review form (Submission Form below).

For more information about submitting a Senate Review, please select one of the following links:

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