Programmes and modules handbook

The Programme specification pages, the Programmes and modules handbook and the Module search facility are unavailable between 20.30 and 23.30 GMT.

Programmes and modules handbook
The handbook is a database containing all programmes and modules available as options by programme cohort year, searchable by School, Department and level. 

Module search
Module search provides the facility to search for a module or group of modules available as options in the current academic year. Further clarification of the terms used in on-line module descriptions can be found in the glossary of terms.

Widening Horizons Modules (WHM) and Modules Outside the Main Discipline (MOMD)
A WHM or MOMD is a module offered by any School or Department in a subject which is not normally a part of a student's main degree programme but can be taken to augment their study or to accrue credit. 

Handbook help
If you are experiencing problems using the Programme specifications, Programmes and modules handbook or the Module search facility, please check through these common issues.

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