Birmingham Grant and Scholarship

The Birmingham Grant and Scholarship scheme is open to students who have entered their first year of University in September 2011 or earlier. If you entered University after September 2011, you may be eligible for an award from the National Scholarship Programme (NSP) or a Chamberlain Award.

The Birmingham Grant

The Birmingham Grant offers additional support to all students whose household income falls below the University's annual financial threshold (£37,110 in 2015/16). You will receive a grant from the University if you:

  • Have successfully achieved a place at the University
  • Are a new, full-time undergraduate
  • Are eligible to pay the full undergraduate fee
  • Are not in receipt of NHS support towards your tuition fees
  • Are classed as a resident UK student
  • Have applied for financial assessment through your relevant SLC agency
  • Have a household income below the threshold as detailed above

The Birmingham Scholarship

The Birmingham Scholarship recognises the achievement of students from lower income backgrounds who perform extremely well in their A levels or equivalent qualifications. You will receive a Birmingham Scholarship if you:

  • Meet the above criteria for the award of a Birmingham Grant
  • Achieve a minimum of AAB at A level, more than 34 points in the IB, or DDD in BTEC (Other examinations may be considered)

Access Course applicants will not be eligible for the purposes of this scholarship.

Please note that the award of a scholarship is not based on UCAS tariff points.

How much will I receive?

For 2015/16, the Birmingham Grant is valued at £925, with the Scholarship valued at £1,385.   

Once you have qualified for the grant and/or scholarship you will continue to receive the awards on an annual basis so long as you make normal progression on your chosen degree course and you do not become eligible for NHS support (5th year medical and dental students).Once you have been given an award you will always receive it regardless of whether there has been any change in your family’s income which was used to assess the allocation of your award.

If you failed to meet the income criteria in your first year of study, but your income falls below the financial threshold for these awards in later years, you will then receive the grant and/or scholarship for that and subsequent years

Awards are suspended for the period of industrial placements or if you are studying abroad.

How do I apply?

You do not need to apply for the Birmingham Grant and/or Scholarship. If you qualify, the University will notify you of your award in writing.

Please note: all correspondence relating to the awards will be sent to your permanent home address. 

When will I be paid?

Payment of the Birmingham Grant and Scholarship will be made in two equal instalments, one in late January and one in early May. Payment will be made directly into the bank account you have nominated for your Maintenance Loan or Grant. 

You are advised to read the Terms and Conditions (PDF - 19KB) 

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Notification for the Birmingham Grant and Scholarship 

Due to the volume of letters that require processing, award notifications will be issued throughout the first academic term. If you have not received your notification letter by December, please contact Funding, Graduation & Awards.