Chamberlain Award 2014/15

If your household income is below £36,000, you may be entitled to additional financial support from the University in the form of a Chamberlain Award.


This information only relates to students who commenced their studies in September 2014.

If you started your studies in September 2015 you will need to visit our Chamberlain Award 2015/16 web page.

Am I eligible for a Chamberlain Award?

In order to be eligible you must:

  • be a UK-resident student commencing a first undergraduate degree in September 2014 who is deemed eligible for maintenance support by the Student Loans Company
  • be liable for the full standard undergraduate fee (£9,000)
  • not be on an NHS-funded programme
  • not be on an Initial Teacher Education (ITE) programme
  • not be progressing from a foundation degree
  • not be transferring from another institution
  • have a household income of £36,000 or less (as verified by the relevant Student Loans Company agency)

The Chamberlain Award will be subject to annual and in-year reassessment to determine eligibility.


We strongly encourage you to view the terms and conditions for the Chamberlain Award (PDF - 200KB) to ensure you are fully aware of the stipulations of the scheme.

What does the Chamberlain Award offer?

Chamberlain Award figures
 Household income All years of study 
     Less than £25,000   £2,000
     Between 25,001 and £36,000   £1,000
Care Leavers can receive their Chamberlain Award as either a £4,845 accommodation fee waiver if living in University-owned halls of residence or if living elsewhere can choose a £3,000 tuition fee waiver or cash bursary. These awards apply to all years of study. In order to qualify for the 2018/19 academic year, you must have submitted an application form to us by 31 May 2018. If you have missed this deadline, you will be assessed based on your household income.

Do I need to apply?

You will not need to make an application for the Chamberlain Award. Provided you and your parents/guardians have consented to share your information on your Student Finance application we will assess you automatically based on your household income and will send an award notification letter to your home address.

Awards are subject to annual and in-year reassessment; all awards will be finalised on 31 May for the previous year of acdemic study (e.g. 31 May 2018 for academic year 2017-18). Please refer to the Chamberlain Award Terms and Conditions.

When will I be notified?

Awards are currently in the process of being approved for all students who started in September 2014.  You should receive an entitlement notification to your email address by 1 December 2017 (please see below). 

If you have not received your letter after this date, please log an enquiry via for the attention of Funding, Graduation & Awards.

How will I be notified?

Once confirmed, you will be sent an entitlement notification email confirming your letter is available to view online. You will need to login to your student finance account at

Please note, Student Finance England's secure sites start with 'https' and a small padlock icon appears at the bottom of the browser window. This padlock will confirm the certificate of the website and ensure you're not on a fraudulent site.

When will I be paid?

If you qualify for the cash bursary, payment will be made in two equal instalments, one in late January and one in early May. Payment will be made directly into the bank account you have nominated for your Maintenance Loan or Grant.

You have the option to divert your award to reduce your tuition fee or accommodation fee if you wish. Full details will be included on your notification letter. 

An image of three £10 notes

The Student Loans Company must verify your household income by 31 May 2017 for you to receive an award for the academic year 2016/17.