National Scholarship Programme (NSP)

Please note that this information related to students who commenced their studies in September 2012 only.

If you started University in September 2013, you will need to visit our Chamberlain Award 2013/14 web page.

If you started University in September 2014, you will need to visit our Chamberlain Award 2014/15 web page.

If you are due to start University in September 2015, you will need to visit our Chamberlain Award 2015/16 web page.

The NSP package at Birmingham

If you are eligible to receive a National Scholarship at Birmingham, the value of the award will upon your choice of accommodation. The scheme seeks to encourage students to take advantage of the University’s residential experience.

National Scholarships will be subject to annual reassessment to determine eligibility. Qualifying students may choose to receive either a National Scholarship or a Chamberlain Award; not both.

Am I eligible for a National Scholarship?

To be eligible you must: 

  • be an English-resident commencing a first undergraduate degree in September 2012;
  • be liable for the full standard undergraduate fee (£9,000); 
  • not be on an NHS-funded programme;
  • not be on an Initial Teacher Education (ITE) programme;
  • not be progressing from a foundation degree;
  • not be transferring from another institution;
  • qualify for at least one of the state benefits associated with Free School Meals entitlement (in your own right or the parents/guardians you live with) or be classed as a Care Leaver or have a household income of £16,190 or less (as verified by the relevant Student Loans Company agency).

When will I be notified of entitlement?

An e-mail will be sent to eligible students in early October 2017 with regards to your award options. Please check your University e-mail account regularly as you will be required to select an award option by a specified deadline date

Funding, Graduation & Awards will not be able to amend award choices beyond the specified deadline date, therefore failure to make a selection will result in a default NSP £3,000 tuition fee reduction being applied.

 What other awards are available?

If you are not eligible for an award under our National Scholarship criteria, you may be entitled to a Chamberlain Award, which is an additional scheme that the University has introduced as part of the financial aid package available to undergraduate in 2012. It is important to remember that you cannot be in receipt of a National Scholarship and a Chamberlain Award.

We would also recommend that you look into the additional grants and bursaries that are available at the University of Birmingham by visiting our UG funding database.

 What will I receive after my first year? 

Eligible students will continue to receive their award (subject to annual reassessment of entitlement).

I am an EU student, can I qualify for NSP?

Yes, you can qualify for a reduction of £3,000 to your tuition fees. To be eligible, you must have commenced your studies in September 2012; have made an application for a tution fee loan from the Student Loans Company and have a household income below £16,190.  To find out more on how to apply, please log an online enquiry.






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Awards for priority group students

Students from priority groups qualify for the higher tiers of the National Scholarship Programme. You will qualify as a priority group applicant if you are:
- A Care Leaver;
- An Independent Student who is in receipt of selected state benefits;
- A student whose parents/carers are in receipt of selected state benefits.

In order to be considered for this award for the 2017/18 academic year you must have submitted an application form by 31 May 2017.

To apply now, please complete our online form.

Please note: If you miss this deadline you will be assessed on your household income.