Funding for postgraduate students

Postgraduate programmes are not funded in the same way as undergraduate study. Finding the money to pay fees and living costs can be complicated, and you should therefore explore your options thoroughly.

Scholarships and grants
Search our postgraduate funding database for information on the various scholarships and grants available to you.

Research Council funding
Research Councils offer funding in their subject areas for students of high academic ability.

Loans, charities and trusts
Additional funding from outside the University can be found in the form of bank loans and grants from trusts and charities.

Earning while you learn
Getting a part-time job is a good way to help cover the costs of studying at university.

External grants and scholarships
A number of external organisations provide grants to postgraduate students to support their studies.

Scholarships for international postgraduate students
A range of scholarships are available to international postgraduates in order to ensure that you can stay and study at Birmingham.

Money Matters: A financial guide for postgraduate students 2017-18