Test to Release: financial support available for international students

The University wishes to extend a warm welcome to all of our international students (including EU students) arriving in, or returning to, Birmingham in the New Year. We want to make sure that you are supported to engage with your studies and able to use our on-campus facilities as soon as possible, so we are offering support towards the costs of the Test to Release scheme. 

The UK Government has confirmed the details of a new Test to Release scheme for international travellers arriving into England. Test to Release is for all travellers who would be required to self-isolate (also known as “quarantine”) on arrival for a period of ten days in their accommodation. Subject to the terms of the scheme, people returning to England who need to self-isolate may be able to take a COVID test with a private test provider to see if they can end their self-isolation early. 

The Test to Release scheme is optional but taking part means that you may be able to reduce your period of self-isolation. Please note that you must opt in to the Test and Release process before you travel. You will then need to make the test arrangements yourself with one of the approved providers and complete our online reimbursement form in order to receive a contribution from the University of up to £120 towards the cost of the test. 

To apply for a contribution you will need to upload a copy of your test certificate and proof of payment. All normally registered University of Birmingham international students (including EU citizens) who travel to England between 15 December 2020 and 13 June 2021 and complete the Test to Release process will be eligible to apply to the fund. 

What you need to do:

  1. Follow the advice on the UK Government website about taking part in the Test to Release scheme;
  2. Book a test with an approved, private test provider 
  3. Choose to opt into the scheme on the passenger locator form before you travel to England;
  4. Complete the University's reimbursement form in full after you arrive in the UK and have had your test, making sure to upload your test certificate and your proof of payment.

The fund will close on 30 June 2021, after which point you will not be able to apply for a contribution.

If you have any questions about your application for reimbursement please contact us.


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