Submitting your thesis

 Number of copies for examination

  • For examination: two printed soft bound (temporary bound) copies of your thesis are required for examination. Where additional examiners have been appointed, extra soft bound copies of your thesis will be required for each examiner.
  • An electronic copy to your School for a Turnitin check.

 Forms needed for submission

To submit your thesis, you must ensure that you complete and submit the following documents with the copies of your thesis: 

For futher information and Terms and Conditions, please see the Confirming your Graduation preference web page.

 Turnitin check

Before the final thesis is submitted to the RSA team for examination you should contact the PGR administrator with your School for information on the process to be followed for submitting the final copy of your thesis through Turnitin. A signed copy of the Declarations form (PDF - 75KB) should be submitted to your School to confirm that the copy submitted to Turnitin is an exact copy of the copy submitted for examination.

The electronic copy for the Turnitin check should be submitted at the same time as you submit your paper copies for examination.

If you have any queries regarding the Turnitin process, please contact the PGR administrator within your School.

 Word count

On submitting your thesis for examination you are required to complete a declaration form confirming the word length of your thesis. You should therefore be aware of the maximum word length for your thesis. See Regulation 7.4.2 (d).

The stated maximum number of words excludes tables, diagrams (including associated legends), appendices, list of references, footnotes and endnotes, the bibliography and any bound published material. For information on referencing styles see the iCite – referencing at the University of Birmingham webpages.

A thesis that exceeds the maximum number of words will not be accepted for examination unless permission to exceed the stated word count has been granted by the Research Progress & Awards Sub Panel. Permission to exceed the stated word count is only granted in exceptional circumstances. If you consider that you will not be able to meet the stated word limited, you are advised to discuss this with your supervisor at an early stage.

 Where to submit

You can submit your thesis in person at the Aston Webb Student Hub. Please see the Student Hub webpages for full details of where to submit your thesis.

Alternatively, you can post your thesis to the following address: Research Student Administration, Registry, Aston Webb Building, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2TT.

Please note that it you are posting your thesis, it must by received by Research Student Administration by your submission deadline.

 If you cannot submit by the deadline

You may apply to the Research Progress & Awards Sub Panel for an extension to your maximum period of study.

Further information and an extension request form and guidance notes can be found at on the extensions web page.

 Length of time taken to examine thesis

It is normally expected that the examination process will take approximately two months from submission. However, it should be stressed that this is very dependent on individual examiners and their availability and, therefore, it may not always be possible to adhere to these time constraints.

The Research Student Administration team will formally notify you by letter when your thesis has been sent out for examination of the names of your examiners and the chairperson for the viva.

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