Community Safety and Security

To get immediate help in an emergency

Call Security Services on 0121 414 4444, and call police on 999.

Find out more about theft and crime prevention

To report a non-emergency crime, eg a theft

Report it to Security Services on 0121 414 3000. You should also report it to the police: call 101, or report online.

Report a theft or burglary to the police online

For help and advice call the Community Safety team

Community Safety Hub reception - 0121 414 2613 (ext 42613)

Community Safety Hub Managers Office - 0121 414 2737 (ext 42737)

Campus Police Team Office - 0121 414 8999 (ext 48999)

We’re here to help keep you safe 

The Security Services Team is on duty 24 hours a day all year round, patrolling campus, monitoring CCTV, greeting visitors at the gates, overseeing the SafeZone app and planning for emergencies. They’re ready to listen if you have anything to report.

The Community Safety Team is here for the community to be safe and feel safe. The team runs a drop-in advice service at the Community Safety Hub for both staff and students, offering help and support with safety and crime prevention.