Get help in an emergency

The emergency number is 0121 414 4444 Alternatively, report an incident via the SafeZone app. It’s available to you 24 hours a day, all year round. If you need help, call us. If you’re not sure, call us.

What is an emergency?

Any situation where there is immediate risk to life, safety or security – yours, another person’s, or property. It’s a situation that happening now, and needs an immediate response.

What should I do?

Call for help. Reporting an emergency means expert help can get there as quickly as possible, without you risking your own personal safety. Alternatively, report an incident via the SafeZone app.

Should I call Security or 999?

999 is the number for emergency services in the UK: police, fire and ambulance. 101 is the non-emergency number.

If you’re calling to report an alleged crime (especially assault/sexual assault, indecency, fraud, theft, burglary), you should always contact both police and Security. Security will be able to support you while you wait for the emergency services to arrive.

If you’re not sure, remember the Security team is based on campus and will always get to you quickly - they can contact the right emergency service for you if needed.

What will happen after I call?

It depends on the situation. Usually, one or more members of the Security team will come to you to provide appropriate support. They might also call emergency services.

If appropriate, they’ll give you advice on what to do over the phone.

Will I get into trouble if what I report turns out not to be a real emergency?

Your Security team is here for you, to make you feel and be safer. You won’t be in trouble for contacting us with a genuine report.

For example: you see someone climbing through an open window into the flat next door, and report an intruder. The ‘intruder’ turns out to be someone who lives there, who forgot their key. No crime has been committed, but it looked like one, so you were right to call. Your report means now we can remind them not to leave their window open, saving them from the risk from a real intruder.

Remember, if looks like an emergency: call us.

Any non-emergency reports of crime should be made to West Midlands Police, via 101, which is available twenty four hours a day. Alternatively you can make a report via live webchat available at


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