Enabling Staff Network

Who are we?

We provide a forum for disabled staff to share their experiences and work in partnership with the University to improve services. This can be developing an accessible campus (we have close links with the Estates department), ensuring policies and practices consider staff with disabilities or any other issues the group feels strongly about.

What do we do?

'We have found that the best approach to educate people about the impact of disability is by way of the Enabling Staff Network meetings, where people from many other areas of the University get to see and hear first-hand the issues that group members are having. Usually departments of the University such as Estates management, HAS and Security will be invited to a meeting to try and address a particular area of concern for group members. It makes a big difference seeing issues at first hand rather than in a written document.

It is important that the network maintains its primary function, which is to represent members of staff who have a disability and are finding that areas of the University may cause difficulties for them. Mobility difficulties around campus and within buildings may make it more difficult for us to be able to deliver the services that we are required too. My view is improve the facilities and the ability to deliver the service will improve.

The group has been invited to consult on a number of projects on campus to give an opinion of issues that may arise for anyone with a disability wishing to use the facilities. We have been involved in projects such as the Bramall Music Building, Library, the Sports Centre and most recently the car parking arrangements for disabled staff, students and visitors to the University.'

David Cottam, Co-Chair of the Enabling Staff Network

Paula Douglas, Co-Chair of the Enabling Staff Network

How can I become a member?

Any member of staff who considers themselves to be disabled or who has a long term health condition can join the group. We also have a number of members who are not disabled but have expertise or influence in key areas of the University.

You can sign up to our mailing list to receive information about our meetings via esn@contacts.bham.ac.uk


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