LGBTQ+ Ally Scheme

The LGBTQ+ Ally Scheme is for any University staff who wish to proactively support their LGBTQ+ colleagues and contribute to an inclusive community for students.

LGBTQ+ staff and students can still face obstacles in the workplace and in their studies. Students with LGBTQ+ identities are more likely to drop out of University and - if they are out - to return to the closet once they start working. The LGBTQ+ Ally network works closely with the University's Rainbow Network for staff and PhD students to promote equality and inclusion for all. 

Being an LGBTQ+ Ally means being an active supporter of LGBTQ+ equality. Whilst allies are not expected to be equality  experts, as member of the LGBTQ+ Ally Network you will be committing to:

  • Attending an induction session to learn about LGBTQ+ identities and issues and to receive your Ally lanyard
  • Identifying yourself as an LGBTQ+ Ally, for example via your Ally lanyard and University email signature 
  • Being able to explain to others what your lanyard means and represents
  • Signposting students and colleagues needing advice about LGBTQ+ issues to the relevant part of the University
  • Not being a bystander to any homophobic, biphobic or transphobic language and behaviour on campus 
  • Respecting the confidentiality of LGBTQ+ identities by not disclosing people’s identity without their permission

The role of an Ally is about visibility. Wearing a lanyard is the easiest and most immediate signal that the campus is welcoming and inclusive. How Allies fulfil the role is up to each person and the Induction Session will provide some tips. 

How do I become an Ally?

We run series of Induction events open to all UoB Staff and PhD students, throughout the academic year.  There are currently no induction events scheduled, however if you wish to be informed of future sessions please email

Bramall with rainbow lights
Bramall with rainbow lights


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